A conservatory is a great, convenient and cost effective way of extending your living space. Thanks to their vast glazing, conservatories provide an ideal route to bringing the outdoors in, ensuring a sheltered spot where you can enjoy life indoors and take in the very best views of your garden.

Whilst conservatories are well used during the spring and summer months, come winter most are made redundant. Unbeknown to most however, there are a variety of ideas that will keep your conservatory warm, cosy and usable all year round, including during winter. Read on to discover our top tips for winter-proofing your conservatory.

Dress your windows

Your conservatory should be a light and bright space, but when temperatures drop investing in your window dressings is certainly the way forward.

By hanging heavy, darker coloured curtains or installing good quality thermal blinds, you can add character to your space and retain heat effectively. Floor to ceiling curtains and blinds are the most effective, and can be opened during the summer to let the light flood in once again.

Just add lighting

Creating a warm and cosy atmosphere has a lot to do with retaining heat but can also be influenced by your choice of home décor. Your lighting scheme is particularly important when creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Avoid harsh lighting, and instead use floor lamps, table lamps and fairy lights to beautify your space and add warmth.

Hygge your conservatory

Known for the warm and cosy feeling it inspires, hygge is a home décor movement that has inspired countless interiors around the globe. Hygge originated in Scandinavia and you’ll see why when you add those Hygge touches to your own space.

Decorate your conservatory with rugs that are warm underfoot, cosy blankets and throws, and woolly cushions to create that cosy look and feel that can be enjoyed during winter and beyond.

Get draught proofing

Draughts are a huge problem in conservatories, especially as the vast majority of a home’s heat escapes through its doors and windows.

There are many cost effective, easy to apply draught proofing products that can be used to reduce heat loss and keep your conservatory warmer for longer. Draught proofing will make your home more energy efficient to save you money on your heating bills and lower your carbon footprint – so it’s win-win for you and the planet!

Upgrade your glazing or roof

Those looking for a longer term solution that will help them use their conservatory all year round may want to consider upgrading their glazing or roof, especially if your conservatory was installed a long time ago. Thanks to the latest advancements in the industry, there are more thermally efficient roofing and glazing options available.

Looking to improve your conservatory or wider home this winter? Use our handy service to find a reliable and experienced builder near you.

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