When it comes to renovating our properties, the home improvers of today have so many more factors to consider. As well as taking your own preferences into account and working within your budget, taking the environmentally friendly approach is vital.

We are after all on this earth for a short time yet every change we make to our environment can have a lasting impact on the wider world. Even a home improvement as simple as upgrading the driveway can be made more environmentally friendly to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes.

By going beyond the usual concrete and asphalt, you can help the planet and improve the kerb appeal of your property. Here we take a closer look at the eco-friendly ways your driveway can be improved to reveal the best solutions for you and the planet.


Go for an eco-friendly grid system

Also known as ‘green driveways’, grid systems can be filled with sand, gravel or grass to provide a permeable surface that’s convenient, long lasting and completely carbon neutral. They’re also cheap to install, and provide excellent storm water and mud control.

With your grid system, you can essentially create a mini ecosystem on your driveway! This green space will be used and loved by the natural world’s smallest inhabitants.


Choose responsibly sourced or recycled

As the most environmentally friendly option out there, flexible form grid systems work on so many levels. Being selective about your grid system however is vital. Thankfully there are a number of grid system products that are made from recycled plastic for the complete eco-driveway experience.


Use natural drainage to your advantage

By working with, not against, the environment around you, you can boost the eco-friendliness of your driveway project further. Use the gradient of your driveway to your advantage – steeper is better for preventing flooding.

Even those using more traditional driveway paving methods and materials can incorporate live grass, turf or native plants into their design to boost its eco credentials and make the most of natural drainage.


Call on the experts with Look4 Builders

If you’d like to explore all your environmentally friendly driveway improvement options, you’re certainly in the right place.

Here at Look4 Builders, we’re here to put you in touch with the perfect builder to assist with your eco driveway project. Start your search for a local builder today right here.


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