Moving or improving is a decision many homeowners have to make when they’ve outgrown their current space. With the costs of moving property particularly high, making changes to your existing home can unlock a number of advantages to ensure you can enjoy family life how you want to.

A loft conversion is a popular option for those looking to increase the space available in their current home. Converting your loft space also adds value, with a loft conversion an attractive feature that appeals to prospective buyers. According to recent reports, a loft conversion can add up to 20% to the value of a property.

Unbeknown to most, there are several energy efficiency plus-points that go hand-in-hand with converting unused loft space. But is your loft suitable for conversion? Here we take a closer look at the main considerations when converting a loft space.



For your loft to be suitable for conversion, you need a sizable space to work with. If you are looking to turn unused loft space into a double bedroom, you’ll require at least 20 square metres of gross floor area to convert. This has to be useable space, which can be difficult if your roof pitch is particularly low.

This useable floor space can be reduced further if you have chimney breasts present in the loft. You will also have to dedicate some of your floor space to accommodating your new loft stairwell.



In addition to floor area, head height is another important consideration when looking at converting your loft space. Without enough headroom, a conversion will not only be unsuitable but utterly unusable.

As a rule of thumb, you need at least 2.8 metres of clear vertical space at the highest point of the loft. Don’t worry if the headroom is largely restricted in other parts of the loft. You can create more headroom elsewhere with your chosen loft design.



When considering conversion, you don’t have to just take a closer look at the layout of your loft. The floor below the loft needs to be analysed to ensure its suitability to accommodate a new set of stairs that will lead you to your new converted loft space.

Need a professional opinion on whether your loft is suitable for conversion? Search for a local, reliable and professional builder right here and make your home improvement dreams a reality.


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